You get paid to speak; you know this is a business, not a hobby. You're serious about increasing your revenue, building a sustainable business, and raising your fees.

And sure, there's a ton of advice out there for the rookies. But where's the business insight for the speakers doing 25 gigs a year (or more)?

Where's the professional guidance for those speakers making $12K (or more) a keynote?

Who's helping those speakers looking to make more than $300K a year delivering their keynotes on stages and screens worldwide?

Welcome to SpeakingGigs.Pro, a thrice-weekly email newsletter created just for you: the serious professional speaker.

Every week, you'll get the tech tips, negotiation tactics, business best practices, and thought-provoking how-tos you need to level up your speaking career.

All of it is packaged and presented by a working, professional keynote speaker and co-author of The Referable Speaker, Andrew Davis.

Because the truth is: the advice that got you here won't get you there. It's time for a massive move.

It's time for a Monumental Shift.

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