I know; $ 17.70 is an odd number.

But I didn't just pull it out of thin air.

I spent WAYYY too much time determining how to price the premium Monumental Shift content.

But since you asked, here's the thinking behind the subscription:

I like coffee. My love of coffee is no secret. So much so that it's in the intro script I ask every meeting planner to use on stage.

So, at events around the world, savvy speakers like you invite me to grab a coffee. I love these little get-togethers. We talk about the event. We compare business practices and share advice as peers. It's unbelievably rewarding and insightful.

I always order a tall latte, and more often than not, my fellow professional speaking friends pay for my drink. (Which is so appreciated.)

And here's where The Starbucks Index comes in.

The Starbucks Index measures purchasing power parity by comparing the relative price of a tall latte in 16 countries. The Index was first created in 2004 by The Economist, a global magazine.

So, because I'm in Boston as I launch this new adventure, I checked the Starbucks Index numbers for the average price of a tall latte in Massachusetts. The answer: $3.54.

Are you still with me?

Now, imagine you, and I got together every week to talk about the business of professional speaking. And every week, you found the insight and experience I share so valuable that you bought me a tall latte as a thank you.

Follow me?

That means 4, sometimes 5, times a month, you'd spend an average of $3.54 on our weekly sessions.

So, $3.54 * 5 = $17.70.


I sincerely hope that the weekly content I share is worth the average price of a Starbucks Tall Latte.

I reckon if one piece of Monumental Shift content helps you land just one additional gig worth more than $200, then the content paid for itself.

What do you think? Is investing in your professional speaking business worth buying a fellow speaker one latte a month?