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What do I get as a free subscriber?

As a free subscriber, you have access to the Tech Tuesday Videos where I break down the top devices, techniques, and programs I use to deliver a referable speech. Then, I’ll send you a “what and why” article on Thursdays introducing a concept and outlining the background information you’ll need to harness its power.

What do I get as a premium subscriber?

As a premium subscriber, you’ll get everything included in the free subscription, plus more. On Fridays, you’ll receive the “how” article, where we take Thursday’s topic and dive in MUCH deeper. This is where I explain exactly how to apply new concepts and techniques to your own speaking business. I’ll share access to templates, extra checklists, and personal links to all of my “go-to” materials and methods.

You’ll also gain access to the Gigs Referral Engine so you can earn more inquiries and gigs through the power of referrals.

Why $17.70? (That’s SUCH an odd price.)

I know, it’s an odd number. But I didn’t just pull it out of thin air. I actually spent way too much time determining how much to price the premium membership. It all comes down to the price of a weekly latte. Read about my reasoning here.

What is the Gigs Referral Engine?

As a premium member, you have access to the Gigs Referral Engine so you can earn more inquiries and gigs through the power of referrals. Read more here.

This isn’t some crappy out-of-date list of event organizers for you to cold call. It’s not a database of free events that offer “exposure” for your personal brand. It’s a totally different approach to building your professional speaking business… through a powerful network of referrals. (It's in its very early stages, but you'll be in on the ground floor.)

Why should I add another newsletter to my already crowded email inbox?

I totally get it. Some days, wading through my inbox is like slogging into a swamp of sticky ooze. This newsletter should be a bright spot in all the chaos. I hope you’ll get so much inspiration (and enjoyment) from my articles that you’ll seek out the content each week and read it before anything else. And, if email isn’t your happy place, you can always login directly to to read the full library of articles at your leisure.

How much detail will you provide in the “how to” articles?

I’m not holding back any secrets. So, I’m going to share as much detail as I can on every single topic. And if you still have questions, just let me know! My goal with this newsletter is to help fellow speakers build a successful and sustainable speaking career. I’d love to hear your questions, comments, and feedback.

Is this the “right next step” for my speaking career?

How much do you hope to make as a speaker in the coming year? I reckon if just ONE article from the entire year helps you land a client worth more than $200, then the content has paid for itself.

In the meantime, get ready to be entertained, informed, and hopefully inspired. Let’s make this your best speaking year ever! Here’s to a healthy referral tree!

How the Gigs Referral Engine Works
Premium subscribers gain access to Gigs Referral Engine, a tool to earn more gigs through referrals from other speakers.
Why $17.70 a month?
The Coffee Cup that inspired a $17.70 monthly subscription to content that can transform your professional speaking career.
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