As a Premium Subscriber, you’ll receive access to the Gigs Referral Engine: a powerful tool that helps you earn more gigs through the power of referrals.

I get it. You need more speaking gigs.
You want to build a sustainable speaking business and you need a few new gigs to kickstart your referable speech.
Or maybe you need a few more inquiries to hit your goal for the year.

Well, perfect!

I have gigs for you. Seriously!

It's not some crappy list of random out of date event organizers for you to cold call.

It's not a database of free events that offer exposure for your personal brand.

It is a totally different approach to building your professional speaking business.

Here's the deal. In November of last year, I turned down 25 gigs. I turned down 16 of them because I was already booked and 9 others couldn't afford me.

Now, those are gigs I could potentially send your way!

Why would I send you my leads? For one simple reason…

We are in the event planner relationship business.

If I can maintain my relationship with those 25 event managers and meeting planners, I'll get their business next year… or the year after… or even the year after that.

And the best way to maintain that relationship is to help them find a great speaker who is available or who they can afford.

And that, my friend, is where you come in.

Speakers give event organizers the best, most reliable, highest quality referrals in the business.
  • Better than speakers, bureaus and agencies,
  • Better than other meeting organizers and planners,
  • Even better than conference goers and attendees

Why? Because we know exactly what makes a great speech. We know when we see a stellar speaker and we even know why they're so good.

I've been referring other speakers for years.

Every time I complete a gig, I try and think of three speakers who'd be perfect for their event next year. Add up the gigs I turn down and the ones I take – and that's over a thousand speakers I have the opportunity to refer every single year.

Yes, I try and give over a thousand referrals every single year.

But I don't give that many referrals… because I ran into a bunch of hurdles.

  • It’s unbelievably time consuming to find the perfect speakers to refer,
  • I don't have all day to surf the web looking for a referable speaker at a specific fee the organizer can't afford,
  • It’s hard to know who's had the experience speaking to a very specific audience,
  • I only refer speakers whose speech I’ve watched so I can feel confident they’re a good match (so video of your speech is MUST!)

For example, this week I needed to find an $8,000 speaker with a great speech who's spoken to commercial real estate marketers before.

I’ve created the Gigs Referral Engine as a way to help speakers refer each other for more gigs. The tool is still simple for now, but I have big plans for this to grow and grow in the years to come.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Premium subscribers can input their information into the Gigs Referral Engine. Share your session description, a video of your speech and some other key information so I know who’s a great match for each gig.
  2. When I find a gig that matches, I’ll send an email introducing you to the event organizer so they can understand how great I think you are. I’ll say things like:
“Meet Dana. Dana has an amazing keynote speech called Two Candles: How Successful Business Owners Build Healthy Teams,”


“Meet Carla who kills it on stage with a session called Re:think Innovation.”

You’ll connect with a great new client and have a higher chance of booking that gig!

In time, this tool should grow into a more sophisticated system for you to also refer other speakers for the gigs you can’t take. Remember, speakers make the best referrals!

Now, I can't promise we're going to refer you, but I can promise that if you complete this process, there's a much higher probability we will. And I do know that if we do refer you and you win a gig and you kill it for our mutual client, we'll refer you even more.

So if you want more gigs, if you want some help building your sustainable speaking business and increasing your revenue, join the Gigs Referral Engine!

I know next month I'm gonna need another 90 speakers to refer.

Are you going to be one of them?

If you’d like to join the Gigs Referral Engine, sign up for a Premium Subscription here.

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