“Nope… that doesn’t apply to me.”

That’s (essentially) what three different professional speakers recently told me in an email.

All three of them responded to my post on the importance of stageside leads to build a sustainable speaking career.

My response was simple… and perhaps unexpected…

I called them. 🙂

(Thanks to each of you for a fantastic chat on the phone! You know who you are.)

And here’s the thing, all three of them:

  • Are professional speakers who are currently booking gigs,
  • Regularly get great feedback from their sessions,
  • Currently need more leads, and more gigs to make 2023 a successful speaking year.

Now, there’s a decent chance YOU also feel like you might also be an exception. Maybe, you don’t think stageside leads are necessary – or even possible – for your speaking business.

But, I’ve got news for you, my friend… I’m here to burst your bubble!

(More on that in a sec…)

For now, here are three common stories speakers tell themselves when they’re not getting enough stageside leads. Maybe one will resonate with your situation…

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