Trade in those hours you spend marketing for these five useful tasks.

If you read Part 1 of this article, you discovered why all that time you spend marketing yourself might not be all it’s cracked up to be. Now, let’s find what tasks you can do instead!

Do this, not that!

It’s time to trade in all of that time you spend marketing yourself, building your personal brand, and creating content...  

… and swap those tasks for more productive efforts that will actually earn you gigs and grow your business.

So, let’s jump right into it.  

Here are five things you can stop doing immediately to free up some time… so you can refocus your efforts for better results and a stronger business.

Trade Podcasts for New C-Suite Connections

DON’T spend 13 hours per episode on your podcast.

Thirteen hours might be on the high end, but according to some research, that’s how long the average podcaster spends on each episode of their show.  This includes time for pre-production all the way through editing, distribution, and promotion. (Yikes!)

Do just five episodes, and you can see how that adds up to a huge chunk of time that could be spent on something else.

DO research and attend an event filled with high-potential clients.

Reinvest the time you would be spending on podcasts to do this instead.  Research the right kind of event where there are a lot of C-level executives in your target fractals.

Then, pack up your stuff and actually go attend the eventYes, as a regular attendee!  While there, you can network with these execs and start to build meaningful relationships.  Since they represent the top tier of the Audience Hierarchy of Needs, these are the relationships that are most likely to result in new gigs.

While hanging out at the event, you’ll learn a lot about that industry.  Use this time to gain an understanding of how your speech covers the problems people are thinking and talking about. 

Ask a lot of questions during the sessions and interact with as many people as you can. Before too long, others will take notice.  They’ll wonder about your insights, and it will spark conversations that naturally lead to new connections and gigs.

Trade LinkedIn Posts for Rehearsal (with Posts)

DON’T spend five hours a week marketing your products or services on LinkedIn.

Sure, LinkedIn is a great way to connect with potential clients.  But don’t get swept away by the allure of earning new gigs directly through your posts.

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