Use the "5-Minute Method for Rehearsal" to revise and refine your speech section-by-section.

It's a beautiful day in Palm Desert, California…

And I start my morning like I do any other day – with rehearsal.

This daily habit has helped me not only revise and refine my delivery but also imbue my speeches with the power to generate referrals over and over again.

My "5-Minute Method for Rehearsing" is a strategy that helps speakers systematically improve every single section of their speech – fixing just five minutes at a time.

When you combine this strategy with the right time, space, focus, and mindset, you'll create a highly productive rehearsal habit… and a MUCH better speech.

(Oh… sorry for the bubble burst if you expected only five minutes a day for rehearsal. This method is a bit more complicated. But don't worry… I'll walk you through it. )

It all starts with the right equipment…

If you read Part 1 of this article, you already know the four key things you'll need to build a daily rehearsal habit - the time, space, focus, and mindset. Now it's time to learn how the "5 Minute Method" can polish your speech into a winner.

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