Win more gigs and earn more money with these easy negotiation tactics.

If you read Part 1 of this article, you've learned about the four scenarios where it makes sense to negotiate a lower fee with your client. We'll discover how those negotiations should go, leaving you with a fair price that maximizes your revenue.

People don't like to talk about money…

In fact, an article in The Atlantic described a "society-wide gag rule" that seems to prevail in our country. People would rather talk about almost anything else – even politics. (Yikes!)

But, when it comes to business, money conversations are a "must." You must master a few essential negotiation skills for your speaking business.

Ultimately, a strong and confident negotiation will help you maximize your revenue – and make you look like a pro!

How to Calculate Your Negotiation Gap

Before we do anything else, you need to identify your Negotiation Gap. Remember, your Negotiation Gap is the difference between your Quotable Fee and your Final Fee for every inquiry.

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