I’m writing to you from the Heroic Public Speaking performance space in southern NJ…

… where I’m working on a very special project with my good friend, Michael Port. (He and I wrote The Referable Speaker together.)

It’s an idea that’s been brewing in our minds for some time.  And finally – it’s coming to life!  We’ve got a professional film crew, a production team, catered lunches… the works.  

We’ve even got a printed script so large it practically took a fork-lift to bring into the studio. (No, seriously… the script is literally 368 pages.)

It’s packed with a bunch of crazy scenarios involving swords, fake mustaches, and even a cartoon-style plunge detonator.  (BOOM!)

But, our purpose isn’t just to entertain…  Nope, we’re working on a project to help professional speakers absolutely transform their businesses.

It’s killing me not to spill all the details here.  But I promised I’d keep things quiet for a little longer.  Still, here are a few behind-the-scenes photos I managed to snag.  I’ll share more with you soon.  I promise!


Michael and I reviewing the shot.
One of the twenty set-ups from our perspective. :)

Oh, and my apologies for not writing a new article this week.  We’ve been working pretty flat out to get everything done.

Still, I didn’t want to leave you empty-handed…

In honor of our razzle-dazzle film shoot… here’s a special article from our newsletter archives. Take a look… It’s a great one!

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Acting like a goofball,