There’s nothing quite like an uncomfortable, unproductive flight…

… to put you in the absolute wrong state of mind to give a great speech.

That’s why it’s often best to travel first class.

Ahh… spacious seats… fewer distractions… and comfort that lets you get some real rest on those longer flights… 💤...

Recently, a good buddy of mine, Michael Smart, asked an interesting question.  He wrote...

“Do you have a system for deciding when you're gonna allow yourself first/business class? For long flights I often open up the Delta website saying "I'm gonna fly first class this time . . ." but then when I see the fare difference is like $1500. I think what I could do with that money . . . and then I arrive at the gig all scrunched up, sore, and saucy.”

Look, I totally get it…

When you’re on the road up to 165 days a year, flying in coach can feel like a real chore.  But, at the same time, those business class tickets can be two to five times more expensive.  That really starts to eat into your profit.

It also works against you in terms of positioning. Those first class seats look great for social media posts, but they are often cost prohibitive for clients who are trying to negotiate travel and fees.

A lot of event organizers will put on the brakes if you charge for “expenses” which include first class tickets.

I hope you’ll recall the two travel rules I never break:

1. Travel comfortably.

2. Take your time.

I’ll admit.  It’s a bit of a balancing act sometimes.  

Here are four things to keep in mind…

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