We’ve all been there…

You had a really great client theme call where they agreed to your fee. They loved the session description you sent with your discussion document. And your hopes were high you’d close the gig…

Then you get a dreaded email that sounds like one of these:

“Thank you … but we decided to go in a different direction.”
… the team decided on someone else this year even though we love what you do.”
… we filled our agenda for this event, but thank you so much for the time you spent with us.”

What a bummer!

I can almost guarantee your next thought...

  “I wonder who they chose instead of me?”

Well, I'm packing for Des Moines, Iowa this morning, and thinking about an email I recently received from speaker Monica Guzman.  She wrote...

“When someone says they went with a different speaker, do you ask why? If so, what language do you use to ask this question?”

Thanks for asking, Monica.  

You are absolutely right in trying to find the answer to this question! Knowing who a client chooses when they don’t choose you for their keynote can be incredibly helpful for a number of reasons.

Here are three of the biggest to consider:

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