If you read Part 1 of this article, you already understand why we need must work hard to maintain our relationships with those who refer us. Now, let's break down exactly what we need to do to strengthen those bonds and increase the likelihood of even another referral! (Oh, and we'll help Dan follow-up with his referral.)

Here's the theory: if someone's referred you once, they're more likely to refer you again. If, and that's a big IF, your experience made them feel the referral was worth the effort.

The truth is that's is much easier NOT to refer someone. We must create a referral experience that makes all the emails, phone calls, conversations, and credibility your referral invests worth it.

So, how exactly do we craft a great experience for those who've referred us? Well, it's slightly different depending on WHO it is that referred you. (I'll break those down at the end.)

But no matter who sent a new prospect your way, a great referral experience starts with a huge dose of appreciation!

The Importance of Showing Appreciation

Your appreciation is meaningful. In fact, anytime you express your appreciation for a relationship you've built, you're validating their decision to refer you. A little gratitude goes a long way, and it fills your referrer with pride, happiness, and satisfaction, knowing that they've played a part in your success.

So, don't hold back on the exclamation points!

You must send them an effusive note when you receive a referral.

Express your gratitude for their trust and confidence in your abilities. Maybe send a personal thank-you note in addition to an email. Pick up the phone and tell them how much you appreciate their endorsement. Emphasize your commitment to delivering an exceptional experience for whoever they have referred you to.

A phone call will also give you more insight into the prospect they've sent you. You're going to have a leg up on all the other speakers they're considering if you pick up the phone.

Backchannel Referrals

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