In Part 1 of this article, you learned why a truly professional speaking website can actually increase your revenue. Now, let’s look deeper at the specific elements to include.

“It’s A-L-I-V-E!!”

After weeks (or months) of toiling with a website, it’s a huge relief when the darn thing is actually working.  Trust me, that feeling is still very fresh for me after finally launching my own new site.

So, now that your site is up and running, it’s time to run it through a bit of a checklist to make sure all of those key elements are in place and working as they should.

Your site can be beautiful, running fast, and full of snazzy graphics… but if these key pieces are missing, you’ll never generate your full potential in revenue and leads.

Your Professional Speaking Website Checklist

#1. Call-to-Action

A lot of speaker websites include vague instructions for their site visitors to “contact us,” “check-in,” or “set up a time with my Calendly link.”

Your site needs to do better.  It needs a very clear call to action so the visitor knows exactly what you’re trying to inspire them to do.

So… what DO you want them to do?

Well, you want them to take concrete action to move them toward a real speaking gig.  Having them “put a date on hold” has worked really well for us.

Another option might be to “check availability” – but that infers there’s some calendar the visitor will need to look at.

Regardless of what your CTA ends up being, make sure it’s really specific.

#2 Video, Video, Video!

This is the first of our “three-of-threes.”

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