Okay, I gotta admit…

Fireworks are fantastic… awe-inspiring… and also a little scary!

I just saw a video where an amateur firework enthusiast tried to create a show in his driveway.  One small launch went awry – and the lit firework made its way over to the main pile of explosives waiting to be set off.

HOLY SMOKES!!  The chain reaction was incredible!  (Thankfully, everyone was okay.)

So, what lesson can you learn from this past week of 4th of July festivities?  

Well, just ONE great change for your speaking business can cause a cascade of new and explosive growth…

Maybe it’s figuring out the key to earning more stageside leads and referrals…

Maybe it’s an adjustment to your sales process that drastically changes your close rate…

Or, maybe it’s a change in the experience you deliver on stage that can make all the difference.

This week, I wanted to do something special…

First off, I wanted to wish you a happy Fourth of July!  I hope your fireworks experiences were safe and wonderful.

Second, I’d like to invite you to check out some of the newsletter’s greatest hits from the past few months.  Check out an article you missed, or maybe re-read one that really resonated.

Let this be the spark that creates a Monumental Shift this speaking season.

We'll be back next week with some brand-new insight!

Have a glorious weekend!


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