by Andrew Davis

Every September something special happens in the world of Andrew Davis...

(Nope… it’s not the Starbuck PSL… although I’m a sucker for a good latte.)

September is when I roll out my newest speech!

And just like any other speaker, it’s when I begin the long and challenging process of iterating, refining, and perfecting the delivery of my latest creation.

Now, you might be in one of two camps with your own “new” speech…

Maybe you’re like me. You just created a new speech to add to your repertoire. Now you’re ready to ramp things up, get feedback on the delivery, and figure out what works best for your audience.

Or maybe, you’re a relatively new speaker. You’re just going out on your own and you need to get your speech to the point at which you can earn referrals.

Either way, this is for you…

I’m going to share with you three ways you can get first gigs with a brand new speech. By using these techniques, it won’t be long until those first gigs turn into “next gigs.” That’s when your speech is so good you see a steady stream of stageside leads.

Before we go any further, let’s be clear on one thing…

You need to iterate your speech!

A Tale of Two Speakers (With New Speeches)

You need to iterate your speech! You need to iterate your speech! You need to iterate your speech!

Iteration isn’t just repetition. Iteration is repetition with improvement! And it’s not something that can be done overnight. It takes time.

Imagine two speakers who both start on January 1 with no gigs on the calendar.

Charlotte decides to go for velocity.

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