If you read Part 1 of this article, you discovered why many speakers don’t follow up and why they really should. Here, let’s look at how to follow up without becoming a pest. (Cuz no one likes a pest!)

Ugh… crickets.  

No speaker likes to hear these when they’re trying to land a gig.

That silent phone… the empty inbox… the messages that are just never returned.

There’s a fine art to dealing with an event organizer who goes quiet once your client theme call is done.  On one hand, you’d like to hear from them quickly, so you can move forward. But, the wrong kind of follow up can start to feel annoying or salesy.

If you’ll recall from part one, we’re still trying to answer a question sent in by Amanda Lea Kaiser.  

She asked, “How active should I get about follow-ups post-proposal submission? And if more active is the answer, how do you follow up in an interesting and helpful way, not a salesy and pesky way?”

Faster to No

I’ll let you in on a little secret.  The word “no” can actually be a win for your business.  In fact, one of my mottos is “faster to no.”

When event organizers aren’t responding, and you’re anxious to move forward, it’s better to overcome your fear of rejection and just get an answer – even if it’s a “no.”

Because, it’s better to know they’re turning you down so you can re-open that date on your calendar and look for other opportunities.  No one likes to hang out in limbo-land. 

So, let’s look at five ways to get you “faster to no.”  These are techniques I’ve used with my own event organizers when a gig is consistently quiet.

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