The “WORST THINGS”... I Mean… “Things to Reconsider” List

This was supposed to be the “worst things” list. 

In fact, those are the exact words Shawn Shepheard used when he sent in a request for this topic.  (Thanks Shawn!)

But, instead… let’s call this a list of things to reconsider.  

Or, common things that speakers do… that they should really STOP doing.

If you’re hoping to level up your referability, each of these actions will severely work against you.  Instead, it’s time to REthink, REconsider, and REduce each of these actions in your speech so you can increase the number of gigs you earn through referrals.

::rubs hands together with gleeful anticipation:: 

Okay, let’s take a look.

1.  Reconsider starting your speech with these words…

I’ll bet you a nickel you’ve used these words or seen another speaker say them...

“I’m so excited to be here!”

I get it.  You want to sound enthusiastic and friendly.  But since it’s so overused, it can come off as sounding insincere or generic.  

Most of all… it just lacks originality to the point that it’s become a bit of a cliché.  As a result, this opening line loses its impact and doesn’t set you apart.  

I’d go as far as to say, it’s a bit of an eye-roller.

Instead, try to use those crucial moments at the start of your speech to capture your audience’s attention in a unique or thought-provoking way.

Offer immediate value so you can relate quickly to and embrace the audience.  After all, they are there to be inspired and entertained!  So, consider something more surprising, more provocative, more story-driven, or problem-driven to capture their attention right from the start.

Remember, an audience who pays closer attention also generates more referrals. 

2.  Reconsider talking about yourself…

This one might be a bit controversial…

But, when you talk talk talk about your own stories, it starts to reduce your referability.

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