Win More Gigs By Including Travel Expenses in Your Quotable Fee

In October of this year, McDonald's did something pretty interesting…

They released an "adult" happy meal!

Besides a delicious calorie-packed meal, this jumbo-sized happy meal even features one of four plastic figurines for nostalgic buyers…

… which are currently being sold on eBay for as much as $300K!

Geesh, people are strange, aren't they?

Well, adult happy meals from McDonald's might be all the rage. But I'm guessing my "Happy Meal Pricing" for professional speakers isn't quite as well known.

You may recall that "Happy Meal Pricing" is when you include all expenses – yes, even travel expenses – in your Quotable Fee.

One of the biggest questions you readers asked is: How do you include travel expenses in your Quotable Fee and still make money?

Well, it's not actually that hard. In Part 2 of this article, I will explain the exact method and sources I use to find a travel cost estimate for national and international gigs.

But, for now, let's focus on another crucial question: Why bother?

Here's How "Normal" Speakers Do It

Let's play a game of "normal" versus… well… abnormal… um… my way.

Most speakers start negotiations with an event organizer by quoting their basic fee. Fortunately, your fee is within their budget. The event organizer starts off friendly and happy.

Then, the "normal" speaker tacks on travel expenses –  like airline tickets, ground transportation, hotel room, and even a per diem for food and entertainment.

Meanwhile, the event organizer starts to sweat at the collar. The original quote of $10K was fine, but suddenly they're seeing price tags of $11k, $12k, or even $15K. Plus, there's the added stress of invoicing, accounting and paying for all these expenses.

If that's the "normal" way to do things… then count me out! I want to propose another way… a better way…

You should always include ALL of your travel expenses in your original Quotable Fee. This means airfare, ground transportation, hotel, meals, entertainment… the whole kit, and caboodle… all for one easy price.

Not only does this make your event organizer happier, but it will also make you happier. Here's why…

Reason #1: Get the Golden Stamp of Approval

Including travel in your Quotable Fee gives you a big golden stamp of approval in the minds of your event organizers.

"Yes! This speaker is EASY TO WORK WITH!"

You want to be easy to work with because it means you're removing barriers from the client saying yes and inviting you to take the gig.

Reason #2: No "Yikes!" Moments

Next, you're reducing the client's liabilities. This means you're fixing their expenses and removing any nasty surprises.

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