Pleasant or painful?

Which word best describes your Guest Speaker Agreement?

It’s important because this document plays a unique role in your speaking business.

On one hand, it needs to outline the legal obligations of both parties clearly. On the other hand, it should feel friendly and reinforce the notion you’re flexible and easy to work with.

A legal document… and a friendly handshake… both at the same time!

So, how can you cover both of those bases – and deliver a firm (yet cheerful) Speaker Agreement? One that leaves no room for liability but also feels upbeat and relaxed?

Well, that bit of speaker magic is our topic for today.

But first, a very important disclaimer…

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:I’m not a lawyer. (And I never played one on TV – despite my brief stint as a childhood actor.) So, please, please, please consult with your lawyer when using any of this advice to build your own document.

Phew… got that out of the way. Now, here are five important criteria to consider when constructing your own Speaker Agreement.

#1: One Guiding Word for Your Document

If I had to choose one word to describe most Speaker Agreements… it’s “ugly.”

Sure, this is a legal contract, but that doesn’t mean it needs to look like the lease agreement for your Nissan Murano. There’s room for some color, some space… dare I say itsome personality!

So, don’t smash all of your information onto a single colorless page with cramped blank spaces and confusing fine print. Instead, focus on a new word for your Speaker Agreement… “professional.”

If you focus on making your document professional looking – complete with your company branding and some decent design – the entire experience will be MUCH more pleasing for your client.

Ugly vs. Clean and easy-to-read speaker agreement.

#2: Multiple People = Multiple Sections

Speaking of a pleasing experience… remember it’s not just one person handling your Speaker Agreement.

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