What if a gig that seems lost… can actually be saved?

Every so often, there’s a time on a client theme call when you suddenly realize the client’s budget isn’t even close to your fee.

No matter how many items you remove from your Happy Meal Pricing… no matter how low you try to drop your fee… you’re never going to bridge the gap.

Sure, they were excited about your speech… and you were excited about their event… but when you can’t meet on a fee, both of you are suddenly mourning the lost opportunity.

Talk about a bummer!

This is usually the point in a conversation where you refer other speakers in your referral ring who are closer to their budget.

But, what if there was another way to make this work?  

It’s a more advanced strategy that will take some more hustle on your end… but it’s also a way to make you, the client, and another third party excited about the event.

The solution?  

Help the event organizer connect with a sponsor who can fund your session as the keynote speaker!

Here’s how it works…

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