If you read Part 1 of this article, you already know why it makes sense to build your Referral Rings. Now, let’s look at exactly how to build them and who belongs!

Minneapolis, 1960…

A chain store launched to “combine the best of the fashion world with the best of the discount world.”

And 19 years later, the company celebrated its first BILLION dollars in annual revenue. People were in love with the brand – and its bold red and white logo.

Today, we’re going to think a lot about that bull’s eye target…

And investigate how this basic model can help increase your annual revenue and gigs through the power of speaker referrals.

Let’s build your Referral Rings!

The Basic Structure

Your Referral Rings start with you at the bull’s eye surrounded by four levels of concentric rings. Each of these rings represents “tiers” of speakers you’ll select based on how and when you’d refer them to event organizers.

The speakers closest to the center are ones you refer the most often. These “first degree” speakers also happen to be filled with people you know well – where you have absolutely no reservations in referring them to your clients.

Speakers farther out are ones you refer less and less frequently. Still, each level has its uses. There are certain times when it makes more sense to refer a second, third, or fourth degree rather than a first degree speaker.

It all depends on how well you know them, their fees, and their domain. Here’s a breakdown of exactly what types of speakers you’ll want to select for each level of your Referral Rings.

A visual representation of your Referral Rings

1st Degree Speakers

First degree speakers include your circle of closest speaker friends. Generally, they are in the same domain as you and you have a highly reciprocal relationship. 

In other words, these are your “ride or die” speaking buddies. You refer them and they refer you, A LOT.

Here’s a simple example:

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