You just received a new inbound inquiry… Congrats!

Maybe it’s a result of a client referral… maybe someone filled out your online inquiry form while you were still on stage… or maybe another speaker referred you.

Regardless of how this prospect found you, it’s time to spring into action.

It’s time to move that inquiry through your sales process…

Yes, your formalized sales process – one that’s documented, efficient, effective, and always improving.

Don’t have one yet?

Hmm… let’s fix that.

Here’s why you need to build a great sales process for your speaking business.

Consistency and Predictability

“YAY… I mean… wait, now what?”

Get rid of that moment of uncertainty you feel each time a new inquiry rolls in the door.  Instead, you’ll know exactly what to do each and every time.

A formal sales process ensures you have a consistent and systematic approach to reach out to clients. This not only streamlines your efforts, but it also helps you predict the outcomes based on your past performance.

As a result, your entire sales cycle becomes easier to predict and analyze.


Knowing what to do is important, but doing it quickly and without wasted effort should be your next big goal.

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