Do you wear glasses and find it challenging to set up your virtual studio lighting without glare?

You're not alone!

Matt Miller (who wears some awesome glasses) asked us for some tips on how to avoid that annoying glare during his virtual presentations.

Well, Matt, we've got great news for you and everyone else facing the same issue! In this week's Speaker Tech Tuesday video, we've tried to tackle the challenge of lighting a virtual studio without reflections or glare in your glasses.

If you're tired of trying different lighting positions and tilting your glasses without any success, we hope this video helps. Removing that glare improves our connection with the audience by letting them see our eyes clearly.

So, Matt (and all my other four-eyed friends) put on your favorite pair of glasses and join us in this week's episode.

Let's make those virtual presentations shine!

We'll see you next week for another Speaker Tech Tuesday Tech Tip.

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