If you read Part 1 of this article, you read about the three common types of speaker-to-speaker referrals. Now, let’s look at the seven times referrals are a no-brainer.

You meet, you shmooze, you speak, you stay in touch… you speak again…

It’s the circle of life!

:: cue Elton John music ::

Your relationship with an event organizer doesn’t have a definite end.  That’s because you never know when that relationship will lead to more good will, more speaking opportunities, and more chances for income.

And the engine that keeps that relationship going strong?  It’s referrals!

There are at least seven times when you should absolutely be giving a referral to a peer speaker.  (Honestly, there are probably more than seven, but here are the top times when it makes the most sense.)

Not only will this help those speakers you refer, but it will also help your career and strengthen your relationship with event organizers.

Ready?  Here are the seven times when you should make referrals…

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