In this week's episode of Speaker Tech Tuesday, we're discussing, a platform that offers various tools to help you manage your speaking gigs and potentially grow your business.

When I first signed up for eSpeakers back in 2012, I was excited about the platform's potential to help me streamline my speaking engagements and market myself to event planners. I loved the gig tracking features, the ability to collaborate with my assistant, and the promise of being listed in event planner searches.

However, after years of using eSpeakers and its pro membership, I realized that the platform wasn't quite the perfect fit for me.

In our latest Speaker Tech Tuesday video, we dive deep into eSpeakers, discussing its features, benefits, and whether it's the right choice for professional speakers. If you've been considering eSpeakers or you're curious about how it compares to the power of referrals, this is the perfect episode for you. Review (2:36)

I want to hear your thoughts on eSpeakers, so don't forget to join the conversation in the comment section, below.

In the meantime, keep nurturing your referral tree and see you next week for another Speaker Tech Tuesday Tech Tip!

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