You know the value of stageside leads…

And by now, you’ve read a few of my methods for generating a list of stageside leads to grow your referral tree.

But many of these methods require a lot of your time. You have to personally interact with large groups of people or stick around at the event long after your speech is over.  These aren’t that scaleable, right?

(Don’t get me wrong… these methods work.  And if you want to grow your speaking business, they are worth your time.)

But, what about earning stageside leads while you’re STILL on the stage?

How do you do that?

Turns out, you just need to do one thing… make an intelligent offer.

This week, I’m going to break down how one speaker (not me!) generates some really high quality leads from the stage with a very smart offer.

Then, for Premium Subscribers, I’ll reveal who the mystery speaker is and share all the details of how they manage to leave each event with a literal database full of stageside leads.

There are three big keys to this success…

Key #1: Outcomes Rather Than Assets

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