Pounding music… 

Flashing lights… 

A dramatic build as you burst onscreen amidst a cloud of smoke and applause!


You want a great speaker sizzle reel… I get it.

It’s that short, dynamic video compilation that showcases your style, expertise, and stage presence to event organizers and potential clients.

It uses clips of your speech, testimonials, and interviews to make you look irresistible… like a rockstar!

But, is it worth all of the trouble and expense?

Today, let’s look at three reasons why we love the classic speaker sizzle reel…

AND three reasons why your sizzle reel might be falling short.

3 Reasons Why Speakers LOVE Their Sizzle Reel

One: It looks great!

Okay, this one is hard to deny.  A well-made sizzle reel does, indeed, make you look like a rockstar.

It gives you a kind of enhanced visibility and impact.  And it conveys your style, energy, and even some of your content very quickly for busy event organizers.

Two: It is an efficient marketing tool.

Speaking of busy clients…

Which makes more sense: sending a 45-minute keynote recording or sending a 3-minute sizzle reel? 

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