Have you ever fallen victim to the Pipeline Paradox?

Just imagine…

You’re looking ahead six months to a November that is jam-packed with ‘dates on hold.’  You’re thinking...

“This is great!  I’m going to be really busy that month.” 

Without realizing it, you start to pull your foot off the gas pedal… just a little bit.  

You’re comfortable and confident.

Everything in your business seems to be working like a well-oiled machine.  Inquiries are rolling in, dates are being placed on hold… and man… next November is going to be BUSY.

Then, it happens…

Fast forward a few months and you look again at your November speaking schedule.  

But… (gasp!)... there’s only ONE confirmed gig on your calendar.  Now what?!

You just fell victim to the Pipeline Paradox!

:: dun, dun, duhhh!! :: 

Unpacking the Pipeline Paradox

Recently, I had a call with a Premium Subscriber named Marcus Sheridan – who happens to be a fantastic speaker and a good friend of mine.

We had a long conversation about this frustrating phenomenon.  

It’s like a mirage on a desert…  

From a distance, it seems your calendar is packed with gigs.  But when you get closer, you find your schedule is as sparse and barren as a bone dry valley in the Sahara. The numerous dates on hold from earlier in the year never matured into actual confirmed gigs.

Today, let’s unpack three reasons why so many speakers fall victim.

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