Most event organizers love a good ol’ fashioned Q&A.

It lets their audience feel involved… gives folks a chance to interact… and ensures every attendee has their most burning question answered.

But it does one thing more… it turns your speech’s ending into a DUD. 

Yeah, I’m not kidding!

Just think back to the last time you included a Q&A at the end of your keynote.  Maybe you spoke for 45 minutes and ended the speech with a humdinger of a story that launched the audience to their feet with a burst of wild applause.

“Bravo! So inspiring!  I can’t wait to go transform my life/business/body/organization/etc.”

Then, the applause dies away, and you’re left standing awkwardly on stage, looking around for an emcee or staff member to rescue you.

The magic is broken… 

… and audience members slowly wander up to the microphone in the aisle.

Fifteen minutes roll by and many attendees mentally check out. Sure, your speech was awesome, but they don’t have any questions… and that email in their inbox or text on their phone is dying for attention.

Then, the time is up…

“Alright.  I guess if no one has any more questions… I’ll be around this afternoon. Find me and I’ll be happy to chat.”

You say thank you again… as a smattering of weak applause floats up from the crowd… and you wander off stage.  

After all, they already gave you a standing ovation.  Do you really deserve another?


Wanna fix this?  

Let’s see how.

Don’t Remove. Just Move.

Am I suggesting you ditch the Q&A completely?  Absolutely not.

Event organizers actually place a huge amount of value on this portion of the program.  For the average attendee, getting the chance to ask questions of an expert like you is a huge reason why they came.

But, ending your speech with Q&A can be a bit like letting air slowly out of a balloon.  It wheezes and struggles along until you’re left with an empty rubber sack of disappointment.

(Sorry, I’m feeling a bit poetic today…)

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