If you read Part 1 of this article, you read about the three myths we all need to dispel when it comes to earning corporate clients. Now, it’s time to overcome the corporate gig dilemma and learn real ways to win these events!

Landing consistent corporate gigs is like making it to the top of the mountain… it doesn’t get much better!

High speaking fees… plenty of spin off revenue… and that feeling of security knowing your speaking business can go the distance.

But many of us are stuck at the mountain’s base – struggling to gain a foothold.  We’re wondering how to reliably earn lucrative gigs when these corporate events don’t result in many (if any) referrals or stageside leads.

In other words, how do you get your foot in the door… over and over again?

Yup… it’s time to overcome the corporate gig dilemma.

We already know that simply networking with C-level execs doesn’t do the trick… panel discussions don’t bring the paychecks… and lines of adoring fans after a speech don’t always guarantee many (if any) stageside leads.

Now, let’s start to rethink how we can land corporate clients.  Here are three ways to land more corporate gigs.

Method #1: Use the Affinity Group Method

Start by asking yourself a question…

Where can you speak to a diverse audience full of leaders who can hire you to come speak, work, or consult with their corporation?

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