Corporate gigs are the BEST… and the worst?

On one hand, corporate gigs tend to pay the highest fees for speaking. So, if you can find a way to consistently land these clients, your bank account will filled to the brim.

If you’re running a side consulting or service-based business, it’s an easy thing to earn spin-off revenue from corporate gigs. This happens when bigwigs come up to you after a talk and say...

“Wow! Can you help us actually do that in our business?”  


So, why are they the worst?  

Well, corporate gigs tend to lead to very few stageside leads and referrals – simply because you’re speaking to a group of people who all work within the same corporation.

Your best chances of earning a referral happen when an employee at a corporation leaves their job… goes to a different corporation… and then recommends you to their new boss. 

And that takes a looong time.

Yup… you’re witnessing the corporate gigs dilemma.

We all want these high paying, high spin-off-business-earning corporate gigs… but we have trouble actually finding them because of their low rates of referrals and stageside leads.

So, where do these lucrative opportunities come from?  Let’s start by dispelling some myths about corporate gigs…

Myth #1: Networking with C-Suite Execs Is the Magic Formula

Many speakers think that simply networking with c-level executives will lead to new speaking opportunities. 

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