“Hey! Can we have your slide deck?”

Every event organizer eventually asks this question.

And I don’t blame them.  They want to pass along the slides to their attendees.

But, this question gives a lot of speakers pause.  

I get it!

You’ve put a lot of work into your slide deck.  It’s the perfect representation of your ideas.  And you don’t want just anyone getting their grubby hands on your masterpiece, so they can turn around and present the same speech to some random group of riff raff!

(My precioussss…)

Okay, my friend.

You may think of your slide deck as the manifestation of your very best work.  But event organizers aren’t asking so their attendees can steal your work.

Some event organizers even feel entitled to your slides.  After all, they hired you to present the speech, didn’t they?

So, why wouldn’t you want to share it?

Well, I’m going to play a little bit of a devil’s advocate here.  Call it reverse psychology… call it tricking you into eating your green beans… whatever.

Here are a few reasons why you wouldn’t want to share your slide deck… (even though it’s actually a pretty smart idea!)

Don’t share your slide deck if… you HATE the idea of transforming lives.

If you truly don’t want to transform lives, then do not – under any circumstances – share your slide deck.  The same goes if you do not want to share your insight or new ideas throughout your industry.

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