In Part 1 of this article, you learned why it’s actually a great idea to share your slide deck. Here, let’s look at some specific strategies to make the most of this asset.
“I sent it!! It felt kind of good to just let it go!”

That was the note I received from Trish Witkowski after she read yesterday's article. (And a little chat about her slide deck.)

And right now, Trish is at an event in Myrtle Beach…

… where her audience will happily receive her slides!

(Yay, Trish!)

Sharing a slide deck might make you nervous, but once you get past the fear of people “stealing” your ideas, you can actually reap some pretty snazzy benefits.

Here are a few guidelines that will help make the entire slide-sharing experience – not just great – but beneficial for your speaking business!

Choose the Right Format

First, let’s talk format… I understand why you might hesitate to share your slides.

After all, they are filled with your brilliant ideas, unique insights, and hard-earned research results.  But remember, without YOU in the mix, they won’t hold the same magic.  Not just anyone can use those slides to recreate your presentation.

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