If you read Part 1 of this article, we talked about three reasons why people don’t invest time and energy into their signature bit. So, let’s break down those reasons and get you on the road to higher fees and referability with a memorable signature bit.
“Hmm… I feel like my signature bit is “good enough.” 
After all… I hate change. 
So why go through the trouble of making edits if it’s not going to help?  Ugh… who says the benefits are really worth it, anyway?”

Do any of those thoughts ring true for you? 

If so, I hope you’ll pay attention because this article is for YOU, my friend.  

Let’s dive into exactly how you can transform your “just okay” signature bit into one that is memorable, transformational, and provocative… 

… one that gets the audience talking, gets the referrals flowing, and drives those fees up higher than ever before!

It’s time to IMPROVE your signature bit.

Step 1: Adjust Your Mindset

If you want to be set up for success, the first thing you need to do is take a critical look at those thoughts swirling around in your noggin… and make a change.

Fix your mindset and fix your bit.

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