20 days of silence…

That’s how long a fellow speaker has been waiting for the phone to ring.  I referred him to an event organizer 40 days ago. Then he conducted a Client Theme Call. So far, so good!

But for 20 days… silence… not so much as a peep from his client.

Are they unsure if he’s worth his fee?  
Do they wonder if he’s the right fit for their audience?
Did they hire someone else?

If only there were a surefire way to follow up with event organizers… a way to get every team member on board… a way to instill 100% confidence in your value…

Let me introduce you to the Discussion Document.

Don’t let the name fool you, this powerful tool is much, much more than “just a document.”  And I'm going to show you why you need to start using one today.

A Document That’s Not a “Document” At All

Okay… first things first.  This isn’t really a document.  It’s not a piece of paper, a PDF, or even an email that you send to an event organizer.

In fact, it’s a webpage!

It’s called a Discussion Document because this name implies you’re going to have a discussion and exchange ideas in order to help the client reach a final decision.

A Discussion Document is a custom webpage hidden on your site and sent directly to your event organizer after a Client Theme Call.

So, it’s not a proposal, and it’s not a Speaker Agreement.  Think of a Discussion Document as something in between the two.

Generic speaker agreement vs. a web-based Discussion Document.

That in-betweenness is what makes this little webpage so powerful!

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