It’s not a “document” at all… it’s a webpage!

And this fancy little corner of the Internet is the single greatest tool your event organizer can use to convince their team members to hire you for an upcoming gig.

So, what goes into making a customized, eye-catching, and jaw-dropping Discussion Document? Well, let’s start with my two biggest tips…

It’s gotta look super professional and polished.
It’s gotta be super fast to create and publish.

So, how do you manage to make something really high quality AND really fast?

That’s our topic for today… and there are seven pieces of the puzzle you’ll need to assemble.

Reading Part 1 of this article taught you about the biggest tool to help event organizers sell YOU to their team members… the Discussion Document! Now, let’s look at what goes into one of these gems…[/BOX]

Breaking the “Rule of Three”

I once heard someone say there are three elements to any piece of creative work. Good, fast, and cheap.  “You can only ever have two of these things,” they said.

  • You can have something fast and inexpensive, but the quality will be poor.
  • You can have something inexpensive and high quality, but it won’t be fast.
  • And you can have something fast and high quality, but it’s going to cost a lot.

Well, with your Discussion Document, I’m asking you to break this rule.  Because your customized web page for your event organizer needs to be fast to create, very high quality, and inexpensive to build.

It’s like the unicorn of your sales process!

First, you’ll want the Discussion Document to look professional because it shows your event organizer you’ve put time and effort into their specific gig.

It makes them feel like you’re giving them the red carpet treatment.  And their event is high on your priority list.

Some speakers might send a quick Google Doc or generic PDF.  But those items don’t deliver the “wow” factor. Instead, your Discussion Document should be a designed web page template that you can recreate over and over again for various clients.

I don’t personally use WordPress, but a web designer can surely help you create a template for your very first one. Or, you could use a program like Proposify or Panda Doc to create something that looks really great and is easy to replicate.

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Just remember to make it look professional.

And second, you want this Discussion Document to be simple, easy, and fast to create.

After you hang up on a Client Theme Call, it should literally only take a few minutes to pull up your template, pop in a few details, and publish your custom webpage.  You’ll send off a link to your client within 48 hours.

In the last 12 months, I’ve had 95 inquiries, so just imagine if I took a full day to do every single Discussion Document… that’s 90 days of work!  No, thank you.

So, your Discussion Document needs to be high quality, fast to create, and… yes… even inexpensive to replicate over and over again.

The Seven Ingredients for an Impactful Discussion Document

Flour, sugar, salt, eggs, liquid, butter, baking powder… any baker knows there are a few basic ingredients you MUST have in order for your cake to turn out.  Once you have the basics assembled, then it’s a matter of adding extra flavors and pizzazz.

The same thing goes for building your Discussion Document.  There are seven basic ingredients you need to start.

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