If you read Part 1 of this article, you learned about the basic ways you can answer trigger questions, raise anticipation, scale camaraderie, and remove friction for your client. Now, let’s look at specific actions to take before the event!

World class“among the best in the world…”

That’s the type of experience you’ve decided to create for your client.

Sure, there are a lot of logistics you’ll need to sort out with your event organizer… things you’ll need to do so you can actually appear on stage at the right time and place.

But here, let’s focus on the experience.

What kind of experience are you going to build for your event organizer – so the period of time between the signed contract and your arrival feels exciting, easy, and productive?

When you create a truly world class experience, you’ll cement yourself in their minds as one of the easiest speakers they’ve ever worked with.

And it all starts with a simple thank you…

Send a Personal Video

Immediately after your client has signed and returned a contract, take the time to record a personal video thanking them.  This simple act serves to raise anticipation for the next steps in your journey together.

As you may recall, “raising anticipation” is just one of the Loyalty Loop drivers I’ve described to help you use your existing clients to drive a steady stream of new business.

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