You’ve just closed a deal to speak at an upcoming event…


After working through the sales process, it may feel like the work is finally over… but it’s actually just beginning.

Now, it’s time for you to craft a world-class speaking experience for your client – one that leaves your client saying:

“I can’t wait to tell you how nice it has been working with your team to set this up.  Usually I dread and despise working with a speaker’s team… but I loved working with yours.  Thank you!”

That’s what an event producer recently shared when I walked into her venue.  And yes, she actually used the words “dread and despise.”


So, how do you create a world class experience for your clients after the speaker agreement is signed?

Here are four steps you’ll need to get started…

By the way, these steps are all based on my Loyalty Loop model which maps out how you can use your existing clients to drive a steady stream of highly valuable, high-margin, new business. Learn more about the Loyalty Loop here.

Answer Trigger Questions

Immediately after signing a speaker agreement, your event producer will be downright excited.  They can’t wait to tell everyone you’re coming to speak.

So, one of the first things most event producers hope to do is to gather marketing assets so their team can promote you as part of the event.

So, don’t wait for their first question…

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