I know you're eager to close more gigs and make a lasting impression on event organizers.

I know you'd love to have more client theme calls, and productive conversations with event organizers.

Unfortunately, event planners can be an elusive and unresponsive bunch. Often, there's a good reason.

So, fear not!

Let's dive deep into the mysterious minds of event organizers and uncover the secrets to building great relationships with them.

It's like unraveling a secret code that can unlock incredible relationship-building opportunities for you.

By the end of today's post, you'll be armed with a better understanding of the event organizer's mindset and maybe, just maybe, you'll know why they're not responding, and when it's appropriate to reach out.

So, put on your event planner hat and dive into the seven phases of event planning and execution.

By understanding the quirks and nuances of each stage, you'll gain valuable insights to connect with event organizers on a whole new level.

1. Quite Mode:

When the event is over 6 months away.

Picture this: event organizers are sipping their favorite beverage, brainstorming ideas, and exploring themes for the upcoming event.

It's their time to recharge and let their creative juices flow.

This is the time organizers need some breathing room. Many planners are working on other events. They've got other jobs to take care of.

Instead of bombarding them with pitches, let them decompress and get inspired.

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