Do you have enough video of yourself speaking?

I’m guessing the answer is a big, fat no.

Well, my speaker friend… today we’re going to talk about why you DEFINITELY need to take the task of capturing more video MUCH more seriously.

This topic came up when speaker Rachel Sheerin wrote to me about a problem.  She recently decided to tackle this task head-on and tried to hire a professional team to record her speech.

There was just one problem… the event organizers wouldn’t let her bring in a crew!

And honestly, this is a constant problem for people.  There isn’t a speaker in the world who doesn’t wish they had better video.  

We all want those great audience reaction clips, the crisp and clear audio quality, and those wide shots showing the scale of your massive event.  

Basically, we all want to look awesome when performing our best and blowing away the audience – from Boston to Bakersfield and everywhere in between.

But, here’s the deal…

You can’t leave capturing video in the hands of event organizers or just one professional team at one select event.

And I know we all want to create a great speech or speaker trailer from one great event with one talented videographer…

… but that’s not what makes a good video.

What makes a great speaker video are three things – three Vs.  Just remember, an impactful speaker video isn’t about one great event.  It’s about building your assets over time.

Okay, here are the three Vs of speaker videos.

V is for Volume

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