If you read Part 1 of this article, you already know why it makes the most sense to sell your books in bulk. Now, let’s look at a few specific ways to make that happen!

Ice cream cones or trains?

Yesterday I challenged you with a question:

Would you rather sell one locomotive for $1M or one million ice cream cones for $1?

With that in mind, you should now understand why it makes more sense to sell books in bulk to an event organizer — rather than selling to individual attendees.

But HOW do you sell books in bulk?

Well, I use three key sales methods to nail down this type of deal. Then, a fourth “bonus” tactic helps ensure your book ends up in the hands of your audience.

And, it all starts with knowing your numbers…

Revisit Your Happy Meal Pricing

In case you’re fuzzy on Happy Meal Pricing, let’s review.  We’ve previously only talked about this concept in terms of travel expenses.  The basic idea was that you include ALL your gig expenses in one flat Quotable Fee.

It’s similar to how you get a burger, fries, drink, and that fun little toy — all for one easy price.  No one worries about the costs of individual elements because the whole meal has a flat fee.

Pricing your speech this way lets you include all sorts of little perks that increase your perceived value in the eyes of your client. So, when I quote my speaking gigs, I automatically include six cases of books along with a book signing.  Each case has 32 books, so I’m offering 192 books the event organizer can either gift or sell to audience members.

My Quotable Fee also includes other items like the speech itself, travel expenses, a full day at the venue, and other small perks. All combined, this package creates tremendous value for the client for one easy fee.

Before you start adding your bulk book sale to your happy meal, do the math and make sure the numbers make sense. For instance:

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