You’ve written a book. Yay!

After months or years of developing your ideas and editing drafts, it’s probably a huge relief to have your book finally ready for purchase.

Now, you wonder, “How do I sell it?”

Today’s topic comes to us from Amanda Kaiser, one of our premium subscribers, who just happens to have a new book! (Thanks and congratulations, Amanda!) We’re going to dive into a few ways you can sell your book at events the smart way. Plus, you’ll learn how to position a bulk book sale as a wonderful bonus your client will love.

First, let’s look at one of the most common methods your event organizer will offer… a table for book sales! (eek!)

The Most Awkward Way to Sell

When Amanda sent us her question, her instincts were spot on…

“A few clients have offered me a table to sell, and something tells me I REALLY don’t want to do that. Book signing = more engagement which is great! Book selling feels like it could be challenging to make engaging.”

Sure, a lot of event organizers will offer you the ability to sell your books at their event bookstore or at a table.  If you take them up on this offer, you’ll find yourself standing beside (or behind) a table handling ALL of the transactions.

You’ll sign each book and chat with each attendee…

… while simultaneously processing their credit card purchase on your phone or tablet and counting out change for cash purchases,

… while standing at the back of the room when you’d rather be flitting around the crowd like a social butterfly.

(Talk about AWKWARD!)

If you’ve ever witnessed or experienced this at an event, you’re probably wondering about a better way.

One exists.  And it’s pretty simple.  Sell in bulk.

Just Sell That Train!

Let me share a lesson I learned from a financial advisor I worked with years ago when I was running an agency. It really stuck with me.

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