It’s been three days…

Three LONG days since your client theme call… and you still haven’t heard back.

Maybe you should call to see what they’re thinking? 

But doubts start racing through your mind…

“But what would I say?  Maybe I should wait just one more day.  After all, they could be on vacation or out sick.  Yes, that’s right.  I’ll wait a bit longer.”

Then the other side of your brain chimes in…

“Oh come on… it wouldn't hurt to just send a little nudge?  That won’t seem too pushy or desperate, right?  Hmm… maybe it would.  I don’t know what to do!”

This back-and-forth wavering goes on and on – driving you downright cRaZy!  

We’ve all been there.  

When you’re trying to build a relationship with an event organizer, it’s hard to know the best way to follow up. You want to act like a professional and maintain contact without seeming overzealous or annoying.

And unfortunately, there’s no definite answer for exactly when you should and shouldn’t send that next email.  Instead, you’ll need a more subtle touch.

Pesky, Pushy, or Professional? 

Each prospect and interaction is a little bit different.  And there’s a fine line between being pesky, pushy, and professional when it comes to building real relationships. 

(Remember… you’re not in the speaking business.  You’re in the RELATIONSHIP business!)

That’s why you need a smart follow-up strategy that accounts for all of the factors that might be influencing their response time.  Let’s take a closer look…

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