If you read Part 1 of this article, you learned about the “loud few” – that small, vocal group of people who more easily take offense. Here, let’s expand on five sensitive issues you should avoid.

Yes, swear words used to be part of my brand…but not anymore.  

This choice to stop swearing on stage – and adopt a squeaky-clean image – has allowed me to build better, stronger relationships with my attendees and event organizers. And ultimately, this has helped me land more gigs and earn more revenue over the years.

Do I regret my choice to stop using profanity?  No.

Do I sometimes miss passionately dropping a few choice words on stage to get my message across? Ha!  Maybe a little.

But remember, if a small group of vocal attendees is concerned, upset, or downright offended… chances are, many other audience members (and event organizers) feel the same way. 

Embrace the Loudness

Revising your speech to satisfy the loud few will help you reach more people with your message while building relationships for more referrals and opportunities.

Take some time before every gig to really think through the kind of content you’re creating and crafting on stage.  You’ve got a lot of power to wield up there under those bright stage lights.  Everything you say can have an impact on the lives of your audience members.

Your words and actions also have the power to affect your reputation as a speaker.  They can make or break your career.  In this day and age, it’s more important than ever that you are conscientious about what your audience is thinking and feeling.

I’ve learned that swearing is just one of the areas where speakers need to tread carefully. Here, let’s look at five areas where you should embrace their loud opinions.

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