Do speakers bureaus live up to the hype?

I actually booked a gig with a speakers bureau just last week.

And to be honest… My team and I did most of the work to close the sale.

(No offense to the bureau. I'm so grateful to have added another confirmed date to my calendar.)

But my team had to work hard to schedule the client meetings – and then I had to be on my A-game to close the deal.

And the speakers bureau?  

Well, they just didn’t seem all that excited or interested. I'm sure they had bigger deals on their list to close.

It’s a real bummer because the “idea” of working with a bureau sounds great – but it doesn’t always match with reality

We all wish that a speakers bureau could swoop in to represent us with a dedicated team of marketers ready to promote our speech.  We all wish they’d use their special powers to seamlessly handle logistics – so all we have to do is show up and enjoy the standing ovation.

But, the truth is a very different universe.  

I get it…  

You still want the speakers bureau to represent you, don’t you?  

I’m betting there are three reasons why you still feel like a bureau is the right path for your speaking business…

(You Think) You’ll Get a Stamp of Approval

A lot of speakers dream of the day they can work with a speakers bureau because of the perceived validation it delivers.

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