If you read Part 1 of this article, you learned the ins and outs of the Needy Fee Matrix. Now, let's break down exactly how to deal with event organizers in each of the 5 zones.

Sometimes... a paycheck isn't worth the pain.

If, hypothetically, you find yourself sitting in an airport, waiting for your delayed flight to depart, you start thinking to yourself...

"I can't believe I'm flying four hours to Fargo for $2,200 to do a keynote, a panel discussion, a breakout session, and to attend the VIP dinner... why did I agree to all this????"

... you're already resenting the organizer, the event, and even the audience. And look, I get it. I really do.

So, today, let's avoid getting ourselves into these situations by embracing three main overarching concepts.

One: Spot the Early Warning Signs

Identify organizers who may take advantage of our services and our gracious attitude early, and use those red flags from yesterday's post as a sign you may want to bow out.

Two: Exit Gracefully

Sometimes, the best move for both parties is a polite decline. It's better than enduring a gig that leaves you resenting every minute.

Three: Professionalism Above All 

Maintaining kindness and professionalism is key, no matter how difficult the circumstances are. After all, our reputation in the industry is priceless.

Now that we've embraced the right mindset let's break down a few strategies for working with organizers who fall into each of the five zones in the Needy Fee Matrix.

The 5 Zones in the Needy Fee Matrix for Professional Speakers

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