Drew Tarvin is a funny guy. So funny that he travels the globe teaching others how to infuse humor into the workplace as a Humor Engineer.

So, when Drew Tarvin sent me a humorless question, I knew things were getting serious.

You know what Drew doesn't find amusing?

Travel Expenses.

And he's not alone. Not all of us are lucky enough to have an assistant (like I do) who deals with booking, tracking, changing, billing, expensing, and invoicing our travel expenses. (ARGHH!)

It's a big pain in the neck!

So, that's why we've included our travel expenses in our Happy Meal pricing. (If you're unfamiliar with our Happy Meal pricing concept, check it out here.)

9 Reasons Why You Should Include ALL Travel Expenses in Your Quotable Fee (1 of 2)
Here’s why including your travel costs in your quotable fee helps you AND your client.

So, what is the serious query Drew Tarvin submitted?

What's your take on the flat travel fee and/or transportation buyout (instead of invoicing expenses)?
How do the bureaus you work with feel about Happy Meal Pricing?

Ahhh... thank you, Drew!

So, today, we're diving into the nuances of travel buyouts and all-inclusive fees.

Fun? Maybe not. 

Essential? For sure.

Travel buyout?

Many speakers offer organizers (and bureaus) the option of a Travel Buyout.

A travel buyout is an arrangement where the event organizer provides a fixed payment to a speaker to cover all travel-related expenses. 

Often, this includes airfare, accommodation, meals, transportation, and other costs associated with your travel to the event location. 

Essentially, it's a lump sum payment intended to simplify the process for both the speaker and the client, as the speaker doesn't need to submit individual receipts for reimbursement, and the client covers all travel costs upfront. (YAY! That's much more fun.)

So, you may offer the organizer something like this:

"My fee for the day is $8,000, and we offer a $2,000 travel buyout."

Now, think about what the Event Organizer might "hear" when you present a travel buyout.

What organizers (might) love about a buyout.

There are three things an organizer might be thinking when you pitch your travel buyout.

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