If you read Part 1 of this article, you read about the pros and cons of Happy Meal Pricing versus offering a travel buyout. Now, let’s add speakers bureaus to the mix and see what happens…

Simplified pricing… fewer worries… no surprises…

It’s no wonder Happy Meal Pricing works so well.  It offers a lower-stress way for event organizers to book without having to worry about how their travel money is being spent.

But what about speaker bureaus?  

How do they feel about this all-inclusive pricing?

If you’ll recall, that was the second part of a question from Drew Tarvin.  This funny man asked a very serious question when he wrote:

ONE: What’s your take on the flat travel fee and/or transportation buyout (instead of invoicing expenses?)
TWO: How do the bureaus you work with feel about Happy Meal Pricing?

Now that we’ve got that first question answered (in Part 1), let’s dive into the exciting (and sometimes delicate) world of speaker bureaus!  

Before you go any further, you may want to refresh your memory of how to play nice with speaker’s bureaus. Working with them is a bit different than working directly with an event organizer.

Also, I should probably issue a disclaimer… 

I only work with a very few speakers bureaus every year.  Most of the gigs I’ve booked through bureaus were actually the result of referrals where client organizers requested my speech – but booked their event through a bureau they were working with.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s look at three little-known secrets for how speaker bureaus work with their clients.  

Some Bureaus Already Use Happy Meal Pricing

Sure, they don’t necessarily call it that, but they already use an all-inclusive fee structure with their clients.  For example, a bureau might work with a client who needs three keynote speakers with travel included, and they have a budget of $100,000.

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