If you read Part 1 of this article, you have already learned why Client Theme Calls are the best opportunity to nail down a signed contract with a new prospect. Now, let’s look at exactly how to create and conduct the call.

Honestly, I considered splitting this into two posts… it’s a hugely important topic.

Your Client Theme Call isn’t just the third step in your speech sales process. It’s also the single most important way for you to ensure you leave the table with a signed contract.

So, it makes sense to enter into the call well-prepared, right?

Today, I’ll share with you the five questions you need to answer before you enter into a Client Theme Call, how to answer these questions, and how to guide the conversation for a great call.

Because that’s the whole point…

A successful call will provide valuable information – like which speech to offer and how much of a Negotiation Gap to allow.

And your key role in the process is simple… listen, listen, listen!

To start, here are five questions you should answer BEFORE the call even starts…

The 5 Questions…

Who has spoken at the event in the past?

This helps you set your eventual fee for this event. Use this information to conduct your F.E.E. Factor Analysis.

Who is in the audience?

If you’re speaking at an HVAC Industry event, don’t just be satisfied with an audience made up of “HVAC professionals.” No. Go deeper than that.

Use the Audience Hierarchy of Needs to get a good understanding of who is filling the seats. What are the rough percentages of members who are executives, managers, practitioners, etc? This information helps you understand the referral ability of the audience.

The Audience Hierarchy of Needs - From The Referable Speaker

If the room is filled with 99% practitioners, you won’t get a lot of high-quality stageside leads. But a room filled with C-level executives will leave you happily drowning in great referrals by the end. (This actually happened to me last week in New Jersey!)

What are the audience members’ biggest challenges and concerns?

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