If you read Part 1 of this article, you’ve already read how having the wrong Quotable Fee (too high or too low) can spell disaster for your fee negotiations. Now, it’s time for us to dive into the 8 specific comparisons you need to make with other speakers so you can determine your own Quotable Fee.

You just shared your Quotable Fee with a new prospect…


Now, it’s time for you to anxiously wait for their reaction…

Will their faces light up with surprise?  Will they frown in dismay?

Or – better yet – will this Quotable Fee be the exact right number you need to start successful negotiations?

The key to setting the right quotable fee all comes down to some solid research… and just a little bit of math. (Don’t worry… I‘ll share a shortcut at the end!)

So, let’s dive into the 8 comparisons you need to make between yourself and your fellow speakers. I call them the F.E.E. Factors.  And after you’ve taken an honest look at yourself, you’ll have a solid idea of what Quotable Fee will help you win your next gig.

The 10,000-Foot View of the 8 F.E.E. Factors

Let’s start with a broad overview of this process before we dive into the details. We have already outlined the three main areas to consider when comparing yourself to a fellow speaker and setting your fee.

  • Is another speaker more or less FAMOUS than you?
  • Is another speaker more or less ENTERTAINING than you?
  • Is another speaker more or less a perceived EXPERT than you?

These three questions lay the groundwork for you to set your Quotable Fee relative to other speakers in your same league.  Now, let’s expand this to include 8 F.E.E. Factors:

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